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Minneapolis / St. Paul Adult Day Care

About Minneapolis / St. Paul Adult Day Care

Minneapolis adult day care can be a very necessary service for many local seniors and their caregivers.  When mobility or other issues make it hard for seniors to get out and drive whenever they please, the risk of isolation increases.  Adult day care gives seniors the opportunity to attend a center that understands their needs and that offers a fun and relaxed social setting with other seniors while also offering activities and other entertainment.  Meals are often provided, and medication management is even offered with many centers. One of the biggest benefits of adult day care besides the social interaction is that it can provide much needed respite for caregivers.  When you are able to know that your loved one is being well taken care of, it can be much easier to hold down a job or even simply to run errands and take a break from the stresses of caregiving now and then.  Health and happiness are a big part of wellness for caregivers as well as seniors, and adult day care can help to ensure that everyone involved has a chance for a break while ensuring that the senior is in a safe and nurturing environment. Video host, Kris Maser, an elder law attorney with Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A., and the ElderCare Channel of Minneapolis, MN, understand the need for quality adult day care services to help both seniors and their caregivers, and we have worked to compile a directory that offers a range of local solutions.  You will want to contact centers to find out what conditions they accept, what insurances they work with, and what activities and services they provide, but our directory is designed to bring you the best professionals in one easy location so that you can find the right adult day care for your loved one.

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