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Minneapolis / St. Paul Homeopathic Medicine

About Minneapolis / St. Paul Homeopathic Medicine

Welcome to the Minneapolis / St. Paul Homeopathic Medicine section of The Eldercare channel. For many of us, the idea of seeing a physician that specializes in working with eldercare patients can be a bit stressful.  After all, many of us have had our doctors for decades.   Yet as we move further into our senior years, our medical needs start to change.  Old age can have a significant impact on the body and mind, and physicians who have undergone specific medical training to understand and work with the needs of older individuals often have an improved ability to recognize certain conditions much earlier as well as a better understanding of how to approach sensitive age-related issues. Homeopathic Medicine can cover a wide array of services, depending on your needs.  From understanding incontinence and mobility problems to helping to diagnose things such as heart disease or dementia in its early stages, there are numerous benefits to working with a physician with a geriatric specialty. The Eldercare Channel of Minneapolis, MN, brought to you by, Kris Maser of  Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A., is designed specifically as a resource for seniors and their caregivers.  Below, you will find a directory of area doctors who specialize in working with senior citizens.  With the right doctor, you can help improve your quality of life and ensure that your medical needs are fully taken care of.  The right physician matters, and we aim to help take the guesswork out of finding someone who specializes in working with seniors.  

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