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Minneapolis / St. Paul Hospice

About Minneapolis / St. Paul Hospice

Thank you for visiting the Minneapolis Hospice Care page of The Eldercare Channel. Hospice care is one of those services that we all like to hope that we will never need.  Intended for patients who are terminally ill and nearing the ends of their lives, hospice care is designed to be compassionate and to help improve comfort and quality of life for family members as well as patients.  There are two basic types of hospice care- in-home care and facility care, and each one offers a unique range of benefits. In-home hospice care affords terminal patients the ability to live out their final months in their own home, surrounded by familiar items and loved ones.  Caregivers will come into the home to administer medications to help alleviate pain and to ensure comfort and can provide a wide range of services from bathing to meals.  Hospice facilities offer these same services in a dedicated hospice environment, where there are always staff members on hand to attend to the patient’s needs. Hospice care has a wonderful reputation for being compassionate and caring during one of life’s most difficult times. The transition to hospice care can be very emotional for everyone involved, and having access to the right information and the right solutions is important.  If you or a loved one is being faced with the need to start seeking out hospice services, the directory offered here at The Eldercare Channel of Minneapolis, MN can help.  Our directory provided by video host, Kris Maser of Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A., can easily connect you to local hospice facilities and organizations, making it easy to contact them and make the right choice for your needs.

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