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Minneapolis / St. Paul Elder Law

About Minneapolis / St. Paul Elder Law

Welcome to the Minneapolis Elder Law page of The Eldercare Channel. Choosing the right legal expert can be difficult in any situation.  For senior citizens and their care providers, it can often feel even more difficult.  Estate and health care laws are changing frequently, and finding an expert who understands the unique situations facing today’s seniors is imperative.  Elder Law is a specialized form of legal practice that focuses on senior oriented legal services such as estate and Medicaid planning, guardianship assignments, real estate and disability law, and more. The specific services offered by an Elder Law professional will vary from one individual or firm to the next.  It is important to consult with many experts before making a decision and to consider the many legal requirements that you might have.  For seniors with financial concerns or limited incomes, it can also be quite important to take a look at the fees and charges required by different legal specialists. Here at The Eldercare Channel, we want to help you find the right Elder Law expert for your unique needs and situation.  Our directories make it easy to find legal service providers operating in your area.  We also offer reports, tips, articles, and more to help you get a better idea of the services provided by Elder Law specialists as well as to help you choose the right provider for your situation. Our video host, Kris Maser, is a shareholder and elder law attorney with Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A. For help with your estate planning needs, please contact Maser Amundson, P.A. at (952) 925-4147.
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Minneapolis / St. Paul Elder Law Articles


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