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Minneapolis / St. Paul Paying for Care

About Minneapolis / St. Paul Paying for Care

Hello, and welcome to Minneapolis Paying for Care section of The Eldercare Channel.  On this page, we will be discussing paying for care and the options available to seniors today.  Please join us in welcoming our video host, Kris Maser of Maser, Amundson, Boggio & Hendricks, P.A., who will be helping us explain the many aspects of paying for care. When considering care needs, Minnesota seniors have varied needs.  While some seniors seek long term care coverage to help them with hospice, nursing home, or assisted living needs, others require Medicaid and Medicare planning to help ensure that they are always covered.  Social Security and VA benefits are critical to many seniors these days, and for those who need extra money or who need to borrow to make home modifications, a reverse mortgage may be a possible solution. Whatever your needs, you will find the information you need here at The Eldercare Channel.  We offer a directory of Minneapolis experts in paying for care, as well as directories for other important services and senior issues.  You will also find that we offer many videos and articles simply by selecting the topics that matter most to you and your loved ones.

Minneapolis / St. Paul Paying for Care Articles


Navigating the Elder Care Maze

Navigating the Elder Care Maze   Most people understand intuitively what we mean by the “Elder Care Maze”. It is the labyrinth of options and…